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Gamereactor UK

News Highlights: Tues 13th March

Vacancies filled or otherwise.

This was Tuesday:

Ex-Sony exec Phil Harrison's moved to Microsoft. However, the company state it's not to replace Peter Molyneux - who's position is till vacant.

Both Capcom and Tecmo Koei have stated their newest releases won't be appearing on GAME store shelves.

Sega's teased Shenmue on XBLA, as we talk to them about Jet Set Radio and Sonic 4: Episode II.

Guild Wars 2 announces a beta entry for pre-orders, while Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free for all this weekend.

Gamereactor's latest iPad Magazine was released: you might want to check it out.

And that's the day's worth of news done. But the industry never sleeps - check back tomorrow for more breaking stories from ourselves. Until then, we're watching the clock until we can download Journey from PSN.