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Gamereactor UK

Microsoft "did a great job on us with last-gen... we weren't going to let that happen again," says Ryan

Sony's Jim Ryan acknowledges the good work of Microsoft during the previous console generation.

GRTV's Bengt Lemne once again caught up with Sony's Jim Ryan at E3. During the interview, which we'll publish in full on Gamereactor tomorrow, we pointed out that with the newly announced features for Xbox One, Microsoft are finally catching up to Sony and PS4.

"Yeah, have they launched in Scandinavia yet, I don't...?" Ryan teased with straight face.

When we told him the planned release date in September the president and CEO of SCE Europe said: "That's good. It's some way away. We'll look to carry on giving Scandinavian gamers a great PlayStation 4 experience."

We also discussed PlayStation's improved performance in some of Microsoft's former strongholds, with the UK getting particular attention.

"I've been pretty public, we needed to do better in the UK," Ryan said. "They [Microsoft] did a great job on us in that market with PS3 and Xbox 360, and we resolved that we weren't going to let that happen again, and at least so far, and it's very early days, I think we really raised our game, and I'm very happy with that."