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World of Wargaming: "we're still evolving."

"We're successful because we got the model right at the beginning, and we're still getting the model right now," says firm PR.

Warships and football. Perhaps an odd combo, but as Wargaming's Frazer Nash tells us at E3, it all makes sense. Sort of.

We caught up with the WoW frontman on the show floor at this year's event to talk to him about the number of new announcements for the company, as well as talk how player feedback is making the Xbox 360 version of World of Tanks unique, and their plans for new-gen.

Headlining the talk was the bizarre announcement of a three-on-three football mini-game in world of Tanks to tie in with the World Cup.

"Why don't we have tanks playing footballs?" responded Nash to the question of why they've created this. "Because that's the fun thing about our game. We can do something like this at the shortest notice possible." He went on to explain the decision was made only a short while before E3, before outlining how you can play - and for how long.

"If you're already playing at the moment, it's available [now], so you can start playing straight away. If you haven't downloaded the game, download it,. and you can start playing straight away. The best thing is you can either join as an individual player, and join two other people in a team, or you can get friends in a platoon and work together. When the football's over, the game's over."

Given the company's advancement to tackling land, sea and air since we first talked to them several years ago, we wondered whether World of Warships release next year signalled a final goal. Apparently not.

"The joke is, three years ago when we launched World of Tanks... we're still launching World of Tanks. We're constantly bringing new features to it, new maps, new ways of playing it. It's the same with World of Warplanes - that launch was three years ago for us. Over the next three years we brought more features to it, more maps and more planes, and it's also constantly evolving. World of Warships will be released hopefully sometime next year. Three years later we'll still be adding to it.

"We've been doing the download and the F2P market for a long time now. We're successful because we got the model right at the beginning, and we're still getting the model right now. For us in the gaming industry, in ten years time, this will just be the norm."

Frazer also took a moment to talk about the Xbox 360 Edition of World of Tanks, as we discussed how that console debut had went down for the company. Apparently, its growing in its own unique way.

"we've got rain, snow and night. That's not in the PC version. That's the guys and girls playing asking for it, and even that's still evolving. The next step then is, the snow has an effect on your view. Not at the moment, but at the next stage, it has an effect. The rain has an effect on the ground, so your tank slides. When you're shooting its sliding around more. The game's evolving, constantly moving, constantly adding stuff on top of it.

As for a new-gen release though, you'll have to wait until the numbers grow.

"The problem with new-gen is this: there are 48 million subscribers on Xbox Live at the moment. That's our target number. once we reach that number we'll then look at the next step. and that's what it is."

Watch the full GRTV interview below.