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Destiny: "We will treat the beta like a full launch"

"We want to hear feedback and we want to see how people play."

At E3 we caught up with Bungie's Jason Sussman, who was able to tell us more about the alpha and beta for Destiny, and give us a little more insight into the studio's ambitious project.

With the alpha now put to bed, Sussman's comments on the beta will likely be of interest for those who played the early access version and are looking forward July's beta.

"We will treat the beta like a full launch," we were told, "we want to make sure we get it into as many hands as possible, and the thing about the beta - alpha actually - this is giving us a chance to get it out to the world and get a glimpse of how people play and also look at how our systems work, and the beta's going to do that to. I mean this is truly an alpha, this is something that we wanted to get out there and really start getting on our systems squared away. We want to hear feedback and we want to see how people play."

We also discussed the E3 trailer that was revealed last week, and asked how that glimpse of narrative (see below) will affect our personal journey and experience with the game.

"This is all about you being a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth, and going out and finding out what happened, right? You're going out and uncovering all the lost artefacts, and figuring what happened to humanity, and also what is the Traveller and what is the Darkness? There's a lot of questions to be answered and we answer them in due time," Sussman revealed.

The Destiny beta is due to roll out in July (with the game's full launch set for September), alas Bungie has said that alpha progress made so far won't carry over: "Alpha character's will not survive the migration to Beta," the studio confirmed on Twitter.