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Resistance 3

Resistance 3 in 2011?

Billboard in movie says so...

Sometimes news a game comes in the most bizarre fashion. This time the news of Resistance 3 comes our way courtesy of a NeoGAF user named nskinnear from Louisiana. While the movie Battle: Los Angeles, an upcoming movie from Sony Pictures is shot in his home state he saw this billboard (photo below).

Obviously Sony are thinking ahead and want some product placement of their upcoming game in the movie that is set hit theatres early in 2011. A tentative release date for Resistance 3? Quite possible. It is of course no big surprise that Resistance 3 is coming after the first two successful games and Insomniac Games are no doubt already developing the title.

It could of course be some elaborate joke, but surely there must be more Earth shattering stuff to joke about? After all, who thinks we won't see Resistance 3 in the next couple of years?

Resistance 3