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Mass Effect 3

GAME not stocking ME3

Mass Effect 3 goes missing in action.

Struggling retailer GAME will not be stocking Mass Effect 3 when it is released, it has been confirmed.

This is likely going to prove a massive blow for the chain of stores. Recently they've struggled to secure copies of The Last Story, and last week Ubisoft's entire range of PS Vita launch titles was missing from store shelves. It is also likely that GAME wont be stocking Mario Party 9 either.

GAME has said that they will refund customers who have pre-ordered ME3 with store credit.

This latest failure is an ominous one. Their inability to stock smaller titles was worrying enough, but Mass Effect 3's MIA status could prove to be decisive as the retailer tries to stabilise their financial situation.

Mass Effect 3

Will GAME recover from this latest blow? Unless they can renegotiate terms with major publishers like EA, the future isn't looking good for the company.

The retailer recently released this statement. Here it is in its entirety:

"We currently have a supply issue with regards to Mass Effect 3, which means that GAME and Gamestation will not be able to fulfil orders for Mass Effect 3 at this time. We want to give customers as much notice about this as possible and provide them with a range of options ahead of launch.

We appreciate that this is disappointing for our customers, and we apologise sincerely for the inconvenience that this will cause. We value the loyalty of our customers very highly and as a gesture of goodwill we are providing the following:

Customers who have pre-ordered in store*, will have the opportunity to add £5 worth of Reward points to their card if they visit us from 1st March through to 16th March 2012

Customers who have placed a deposit for the title* will receive a refund as well as the £5 worth of Reward points between 1st - 16th March 2012

Customers who have pre-ordered online, will be provided with an online voucher to the value of £5 to be spent on any purchase on our sites

For more information we would advise customers to visit EA on how to get hold of Mass Effect 3.

*All customer must be able provide valid proof that they have placed a pre-order or deposit."

Mass Effect 3