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Diablo III

News Highlights: Friday 24th Feb

One last round-up before the weekend.

The end of the week is here. Hurrah. With that being the case, we thought it only proper that we should wrap-up today's newsworthy events from around the world of gaming and present them to you here in this easy to digest article.

Good news for FPS fans, Killzone 3's multiplayer is going free-to-play on PSN next week. Gillen talks about it in his latest blog.

More free-to-play news; Fallen Earth has landed on Steam and there are whisperings coming from Blizzard that one of their next games will adopt a free-to-play financial model.

Staying with Blizzard; the developer has moved to calm fans after a sarcastic post on suggested they were concerned about the overall quality of Diablo III. They're not concerned, you'll be pleased to hear.

The GAME Group has announced that they are closing (by merging it with 35 stores have also been told they are to close.

Sega dev Toshihiro Nagoshi has offered his thoughts on the future of the hardware race. He's says less consoles, and more PCs.

It's been a busy day for GRTV. We've got GRTV News, a brand new Trailershow and an interview with EA (also about free-to-play).

Fancy something a bit more substantial as you wind down for the weekend? We've posted plenty of reviews on the website this week. Read our thoughts on Crusader Kings II, The Last Story, Asura's Wrath, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Syndicate and Rayman Origins.

Enjoy your weekend.

Diablo III
Diablo III: It better be awesome, or there's going to be trouble.