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Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 goes high-res for PC

New shots of PC version released.

Rockstar's at it again, with another drip-feed of Max Payne 3 shots, this time from the PC version to demonstrate the extra graphical detail the high-end machines are pumping out these days.

There's also a small smattering of new info with the text that accompanied the shots. Is this all enough to make you consider investing in a new machine come this Spring?

Max Payne 3
"Muzzle flash as Max dual-wields a silenced PT92 and Micro 9mm."
Max Payne 3
"Max prepares to enter the favelas."
Max Payne 3
"Max in a tense showdown with a member of a shadowy paramilitary group known as the Crach á Preto."