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Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 due September 6th

Leaked trailer points to autumn release.

A leaked trailer for Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 has stated the shooter will be released on September 6th.

The AllGamesBeta site has uploaded a German version of the trailer a day ahead of its official release, with the video ending with the date of September 6th flashing up on screen - a Thursday, the release day for games in Germany.

If the date's indicative of the rest of Europe (and why shouldn't it be?) expect to see Far Cry 3 in UK stores the following day, September 7th.

The cinematic trailer fills in the backstory of the game - holiday trip gone horribly wrong - as well as offering another chance to see the game's antagonist glimpsed at in last year's fantastic E3 showing in full psychotic flow, and offers a reason why you end up dumped in a lake at that demo's start.

Far Cry 3