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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 demo is here

Everything you need to know.

You've watched the trailers, you've read the hype, you've imagined yourself yelling at your Kinect; now it's time to actually play the game and see it all for yourself. That's right, the Mass Effect 3 demo is here.

It's pretty much everyone's most anticipated title of 2012, and plunges gamers into an epic galactic war with the Reapers. The demo kicks off with the spectacular battle for Earth, before it takes you to a mid-game section that shows of some of Mass Effect 3's charms. You'll sample some interactive storytelling, some brutal action against a selection of intelligent enemies and you'll get a look at a few of the many customisation options available.

There is also a multiplayer component to sample. There are two maps that can be tackled in teams of four. These co-op missions will give gamers a chance to earn perks and upgrades for their characters.

The demo weighs in at a rather large 1.8GB. Xbox users can queue up the download by clicking here. PSN and PC users should be able to access the demo at some point today.

Mass Effect 3