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Gamereactor UK

UK Charts: FIFA 12 still No.1

Resident Evil shuffles in at 6.

EA's riding high still as its football title FIFA 12 retains (again) its number one slot in UKIE's multi-format chart.

The biggest new release, Resident Evil: Revelations on 3DS, managed to break the top ten with a placement of 6th in the charts, being beaten out by the names that have dominated the last few months - Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, Battlefield 3.

Will this week's releases, which include Soul Calibur V and Final Fantasy XIII-2, be enough to shake FIFA's foothold? We've got a week until we find out.

[1] FIFA 12
[2] Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [3] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

4. Just Dance 3 (Ubisoft)
5. Battlefield 3 (EA)
6. Resident Evil: Revelations (Capcom)
7. Zumba Fitness (505 Games)
8. Saints Row: The Third (THQ)
9. Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Ubisoft)
10. Zumba Fitness 2 (505 Games_
11. Rage (Bethesda)
12. Rayman Origins (Ubisoft)
13. Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo)
14. Football Manager 2012 (Sega)
15. Sonic Generations (Sega)
16. Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo)
17. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 (Ubisoft)
18. Kinect Sports: Season Two (Microsoft)
19. Cars 2 (Disney)
20. WWE '12 (THQ)