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Dr. Eggman will shave his moustache to celebrate Movember

After 30 years, the Sonic villain is going clean shaven.

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You are probably aware of Movember, an international campaign to raise awareness of men's diseases, particularly prostate cancer. One of the main ways to raise awareness is to grow a moustache during November - hence the name Movember.

One person who definitely knows about this is Dr. Eggman, and for the first time in 30 years, he is now ready to mow his iconic moustache. To further shed light on the campaign, Sega has conducted a series of surveys amongst men to find out more about moustaches and reveals that Freddie Mercury sports the most iconic moustache in popular culture with 20% of the votes. This means he beats Dr. Eggman (12%), who did score better than the wrestler Hulk Hogan (9%), pop star Prince (8%), and the anchorman Ron Burgundy (7%).

Daniel Lazarides, EMEA Vice President of Central Marketing at Sega, said this about the campaign in an official statement:

"We have long admired all the important work that Movember does to support men's health, and we're thrilled to help raise awareness for an incredible cause by removing one of the most renowned moustaches in popular culture history. Sonic Superstars pays homage to the classic 2D side scrollers of the 1990s, so now was the perfect time to present Dr. Eggman in a way that fans have never seen before, without the moustache he has worn for over 30 years. Make sure that you join Dr. Eggman by getting sponsored to grow your mo' this November!"

Anne-Cecile Berthier, UK & EU Country Director for Movember, also had things to say about the fact the Dr. Eggman is about to do some good for once:

"When we heard that Sega and Sonic Superstars wanted to support Movember by shaving Dr. Eggman's iconic moustache for the very first time, we knew the result would be eye-catching. Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the world's most famous video game franchises, and we're grateful for Dr. Eggman pausing his dream of dominating the world to help us raise awareness for men's health. We hope our partnership with SEGA will inspire more people to get involved and support our fundraising drive this Movember."

Will you grow a moustache to celebrate Movember?

Sonic Superstars

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