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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Next SWTOR update larger

More content due in March update.

This week Star Wars: The Old Republic will see its very first game update (Rise of the Rakghouls), but Bioware are already promising a bigger update in March. Game director James Ohlen had the following to say to CVG.

"Game Update 2 is much bigger in scope. It's further out from launch, so we can have much more of the team focussed on it. There's Part 2 of Rise of the Rakghouls, a brand new planet called Denova which has an 8-16 man Operation and a new Warzone."

"We might also be able to get some new space game missions into it. In addition to that we have single player content that you'll be able to go through as well..."

Star Wars: The Old Republic
"Players want more... so we should give them... more."