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Star Wars: The Old Republic

A more stabile Old Republic

Frame rate issues to be solved.

After numerous complaints about the faltering frame rate in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware have announced they're taking action to ensure an improved experience for the players and a patch is coming.

"You've provided the development team with a basis for investigation into the low FPS issues, and with your help they have identified and are in the process of resolving the indoor framerate drop." Bioware writes on the official forums.

Bioware also added the following general tips to improve the performance:

Close any and all applications running in the background.
Turn down the in-game graphic settings.
Change the settings to favour performance over quality if you are using a third party graphic management software.
Turning off "bloom" in the graphic options in game.
Turning shadows off and shaders low.
Update your drivers.

Star Wars: The Old Republic