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No plans to bring Gauntlet to consoles

Heading to Steam Machines, but no plans for PS4 or Xbox One.

Gamereactor caught up with Arrowhead's Robert Tatnell and found out more about the studio's reimagining of the classic Gauntlet.

"It really feels good I think to actually play with different heroes and combining how they work together in a good way to fight a lot of monsters," said Tatnell when talking about the asymmetrical skills of the different characters, and working with other players to get the most out of the experience.

Of course, given the studio's pedigree, griefing your friends is an important part of the experience too: "That's something that we like to do with Arrowhead games, to keep that chaotic ability to grief one another a little bit in there. That's something we're currently working at figuring out how the best way of doing it is."

We noted that, overall, it was an experience that lends itself perfectly to couch co-op, and asked why it was heading to PC instead of console: "We are working on bringing it to Steam, and what that also entails is we'll actually be bringing it to the Steam Machines as well. So we're going to bring it to the TV in that respect, working with Steam and bringing it to their boxes."

When asked to clarify, Tatnell stated: "There's no plans for console at the moment."

It's not the first time we've seen Gauntlet in recent weeks. In April we took a trip to the studio to see how it was shaping up, and you can read about that visit right here.