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World of Tanks

Would Wargaming take World of Tanks to Xbox One?

Mardot: "For the moment we're focusing on Xbox 360."

Romain Mardot discusses latest features and new content coming to the Xbox 360 version of the WWII free-to-play hit. The producer shares some insight on community support for the console version and on the prospects of a new World of Tanks heading to Xbox One.

When it came to making sure the 360 edition matched up the PC version, Mardot explained that the "game interface and a lot of the game features were reworked to make sure that the gaming experience that we're providing to the console players is as epic and fun as the PC one."

We then asked how they planned to keep it community-focused as they do with the PC version: "Our production schedule [for the console version] is not only taking into account the roadmap that we have designed for the game when we were planning it for the consoles; we're also implementing the features that are suggested and requested by the community. Our game developers are present on the forums on a daily basis, they communicate and share their ideas with the players".

Mardot does concede that "both products are not at the same level," before going on to say: "Obviously one is older and has a big amount of features and a bigger community - the other one is younger. However, it's progressing very fast. Among the next biggest features that we have planned for the console version, we have a Team Battle Mode (very popular since it was introduced into the PC version - players will be able to fight in teams of 7v7), we have planned more immersive effects and also new tech trees and new nations are coming"

On the subject of whether the free-to-play tank shooter might ever make it onto Xbox One, this is what Mardot had to say: "What I know for sure is the Xbox One is a great console and the probably already has a huge player base. However, when it comes to the 360 Edition, for the moment, we have to focus on our community of players, so for the moment we're focusing on that console".