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Crysis 2

Crysis 2: 2011's most pirated game

Crytek's shooter stolen by millions.

EA and Crytek's superb FPS Crysis 2 has been revealed as the most pirated game of 2011. Over 3.9 million PC owners stole their copy of the game, once again highlighting the problems that publishers face with online piracy.

Download tracker TorrenFreak revealed data that indicated the most popular games to fall victim to PC piracy are Crysis 2, Modern Warfare 3 (3.65 million) and Battlefield 3 (3.51 million).

The most pirated Wii title was Super Mario Galaxy 2 (1.28 million) and the worst affected Xbox game was Gears of War 3 (0.89 million).

Crysis 2