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Gamereactor UK
Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: "there's a lot we couldn't have done on PS3"

We talk to Sucker Punch about working with PS4, and post-launch support for Second Son.

At an event in Stockholm, Gamereactor's Bengt Lemne caught up with Sucker Punch's Ken Schramm and the pair discussed the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Infamous: Second Son.

"Our game's about powers, and to show the powers in all its glories you're going to need a lot of particle effects, and a lot of special effects, and lots of things flying around on the screen. So without the processing power there's a lot of things in Second Son that we probably couldn't have done on PS3, but we're able to do that now on PS4. But also presents a challenge, because you're able to do all those things, so you've got to meet that challenge as well."

During the interview we also talked about the how the game connects with the previous Infamous titles, and we discuss the advantages of setting Second Son in the Sucker Punch's own backyard, Seattle.

In another interview for the same game, Gamereactor Germany's Martin Eiser asked creative director Nate Fox about post-launch support for the next Infamous game, and he had this to say:

"Yes, we are working on some more content for Second Son, that should be arrive in a few months. I can't give you any details other than that, the Second Son kind of experience made larger."