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Lego The Hobbit

TT Games on shunning online co-op: local is "the best experience"

We talk to the senior producer of Lego The Hobbit's at the home of Lego.

Lee West and James Norton are in Lego World, the home of all things Lego, to discuss the latest franchise entry from TT Games, Lego The Hobbit.

During the interview Norton revealed why the studio focus exclusively on local co-op, rather than introducing online multiplayer to their popular franchise of games (so popular, in fact, that there's currently a Lego game on top of the UK charts and nine Lego titles in the top forty).

"You can play with your friends and family in the living room together, which is where there's always the best experience," Norton said, before later adding, "We believe that the best experience is had sitting with your friends in the same room, together... So that's where we focus all our efforts."

Norton also had reassurances for fans with regards to the game's length: "Whilst I couldn't give you a specific number of hours I can say you're not going to fall short of what the fans have come to expect from Lego games."

"It's a huge, huge game," he continued, "we've got 16 levels, freeplay, in the hub environment itself there's over 150 quests. There's lots of different sorts of variety in the types of quests and challenges you can take part in."

After watching the full interview with the game's senior producer, you can read Lee's preview of Lego The Hobbit right here.

Lego The Hobbit