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Overdose seems to be the title of Kojima Productions' next game

Perhaps we'll get an announcement at the Summer Game Fest tomorrow.

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Kojima Productions debuted as an independent studio back in 2019 when they released Death Stranding for PlayStation 4. Since then, three years have passed, and Death Stranding has been getting new versions - without any new title announced from the studio.

Last month, the actor Norman Reedus (who was in Death Stranding) basically revealed that a sequel is being made, but there are also rumours about other titles from Kojima Productions. Now we've seen a sign of things to come from the journalist and insider Tom Henderson, as he claims that the next game from the developer is a horror title named Overdose, and the source is a video from the actual title.

Since revealing this, Henderson also says on Twitter he has been contacted by Kojima Productions, who has asked him to take the news piece about Overdose down, something he has refused to do. In doing this, it's safe to say that Kojima Productions has all but verified that the rumour actually is true, and we assume we might get to see it tomorrow during the Summer Game Fest.


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