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Gamereactor UK

Three new projects from Grin

Busy studio gets more work

Swedish developers Grin, who have just finished work on Wanted: Weapons of Fate (due out next week), and are in submission phase on Bionic Commando and Terminator Salvation, have started work on three new projects already Grin's CEO Bo Andersson told Gamereactor. No details are available at this point in time.

Grin are heading out to GDC next week to talk to publishers about further contracts as well as to promote their three upcoming games.

- But the meetings has more to do with what we will work on in 2011 and 2012, says Bo Andersson. One of the things we will have to gage is when the next generation will kick off.

From Grin's perspective a longer generation means more time to capitalise on the investments they have made in their Diesel Engine.

- I think the financial situation has delayed the start of the next generation. I'm hoping it will start late 2012 at the earliest or early 2013, says Andersson.

The gaming industry is bigger than ever, but Nintendo Wii has captured a far greater share of the market from the traditional consoles than what was initially expected.

- You can't really develop cross platform and do a Wii version, says Andersson. And perhaps you shouldn't even try it as Wii games needs to be designed from the ground and up.

Andersson expressed hope that Nintendo might launch a new Wii that uses similar specs to PS3 and Xbox 360, which would make life easier for developers.

With the current status of the Swedish currency Grin and other Swedish developers make very attractive choices for publishers based in the United States for instance as they get more value for their dollars.