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Space Hulk

Two new Space Hulk campaigns

Sword of Halcyon and Defilement of Honour out now.

Full Control has announced that two new campaigns for their turn-based strategy title, Space Hulk, are out now and available to download on Steam.

Space Hulk is a video game adaptation of the popular Warhammer 40K board game, whereby players fight Space Marines against Genestealers in tense corridor-bound battles. The new campaigns ‘Sword of Halcyon' and ‘Defilement of Honour' are £3.99 each on Steam, and include five new levels. Here's descriptions of the two new pieces of DLC:

Sword of Halcyon
The Space Marine vessel, The Sword of Halcyon, left the orbit of the planet Falkan, for its journey home. Upon entering the Warp, the ship crashed into a Space Hulk, infecting the ship with Genestealers. When the Battlebarge, Mayan, picks up the escape pods, they decide to recapture The Sword of Halcyon.Time is of the essence in this campaign, as players must complete objectives, and take out Genestealers as quickly as possible. To aid players in the race against the clock, Bulkhead Doors are introduced, which enable terminators to completely shut off certain areas.

Defilement of Honour
Space Hulks do not move through space on their own power; but are pushed by the winds and tides of warspace. The Defilement of Honour is different, with a partially functioning engine room and an ancient navigational device in control of its course. The Blood Angels, must shut down the engines before they can destroy the Space Hulk. This campaign comes as maps featuring Air Ducts, which can only be entered by Genestealers.

Space Hulk