News Highlights: Tuesday 24th July

We bring you Lowe, Al Lowe.

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Another busy day at the news desk has come to an end and today brought us plenty of new assets and a great deal of quality content from GRTV.

For once, let's start off with the GRTV programming. Rayman Legends is one of the most impressive games we've tried on Wii U and in these clips we talk to the developers and get our hands-on with the game. In our interview with Capcom USA producer Alex Jones, we're given some insight into the collaboration that has been core to the development of DMC Devil May Cry. Producer Magnus Jansén calls Far Cry 3 "a monster of a game" in our interview that focuses on the co-operative campaign. Next Gillen and Lucy sat down to preview Tales of Graces F.

Al Lowe is as much of a legend as his best known creation, Leisure Suit Larry, and in our interview he discusses the kickstart of Leisure Suit Larry HD and the difficulty of video game humour. Finally we bring you some indie flavour with an interview on the innovative puzzler The Swapper from Facepalm Games.

The demise of 38 Studios has been well publicised, but founder and owner Curt Schilling has largely remained mute in the aftermath of the company filing for bankruptcy. In an extensive article with Boston Magazine Schilling broke his silence. THQ has bolstered its management with former Relic COO Ron Moravec, who left Relic back in 2006. Moravec joins Jason Rubin in his attempts to turn the ship around for the ailing publisher.

Fresh screens for Dead Space 3, FIFA 13, and Persona 4: The Arena also popped up during the day.

News Highlights: Tuesday 24th July
Project Copernicus - the game 38 Studios was built to create.

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