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News Highlights: Thu 26th July

Plenty to get excited about.

Another busy day at the news desk comes to an end. It's hard to believe it's July the slowest gaming month of all...

In Dishonored news Harvey Smith discusses influences, and we get a beautiful new trailer detailing some options when escaping.

Microsoft are looking to increase their UK presence with a London based studio. And in a more negative Microsoft story Valve's Gabe Newell refers to Windows 8 as a catastrophe.

In fighting news we got a hefty batch of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailers detailing some new fighters and arenas. And on GRTV an interview with Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi went up where we detailed the relation between Dead or Alive and Virtua Fighter. Also on GRTV is a fresh interview with Novarama's Daniel Sánchez< Crespo where he discusses business models and future plans.

It seems Nintendo plan to sell in the neighborhood of 4 million Wii U units by March next year, and City Interactive's Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 has been pushed back to next year. On a positive note SOE plans to begin the Planetside 2 beta early next week.

News Highlights: Thu 26th July
Beta testers will pour into Planetside 2 next week.

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