Pokémon Go

News anchor gatecrashes weather report playing Pokémon Go

Yet another amusing story relating to the mobile sensation.

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US news anchor Allison Kropff from TV station WTSP in Florida managed to walk through a weather report while it was being aired, because she was hunting rare pokémon on Pokémon GO.

With her eyes focused firmly on her mobile she simply walked past weather presenter Bobby Deskins (who posted the clip via Twitter) and who, while still on air, commented: "She's looking for Pokémon!" Deskins then added: "You guys have got to be careful with these phones and this Pokémon. You're just walking around all over the place."

Fascinating stories relating to Niantic's crazily popular title are now too numerous to mention individually, so for more amusing anecdotes head over to our Pokémon Go sub-page.

Pokémon Go

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