Newly named Ultracore heading to PS4 and Vita in May

Project Hardcore has an official name as it nears release 25 years after its initial reveal.

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Sidescrolling 2D platformer Project Hardcore has been given its final proper name, Ultracore, and will see release on PS4 and PS Vita at the end of May. The game was originally in development at Digital Illusion a quarter of a century ago, but is now finally in the last stretch of development. It is being published by German outfit Strictly Limited Games who have worked with numerous experts and former team members to complete this relic of yesteryear. In addition to the PS4 and PS Vita releases the game will come pre-installed on retro console Mega SG and there will also be a Mega Drive (Genesis) cartridge released.

Do you appreciate the effort put into completing a game that was thought lost to the ages?


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