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Overwatch 2

New York Excelsior unveils its 2023 mixed-gender Overwatch League roster

The team will debut next week at the Pro-Am tournament.

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The New York Excelsior has found itself in a bit of hot water this offseason as the Overwatch League team has been prioritising making a mixed gender roster with players picked up from open trials. Many have voiced concerns about this as it will likely see the team in a tough spot when compared to the most versed and stacked rosters around the league, but regardless, the NYXL has committed to this process all the same.

And we can see this as the team has now announced its roster, and as for who we'll see representing the New York team next week at its debut in the Pro-Am tournament, the team is as follows:

  • Kim "FITS" Dong-eun

  • Niclas "sHockWave" Jensen

  • Maximilian "Seicoe" Otter

  • Kim "Kellan" Min-jae

  • Haley "Haley" Hamand

  • Joseph "Lep" Cambriani

  • Yunhee "Aniyun" Chi

  • Kim "Creative" Young-wan

While this roster does have a few veteran names, there are a lot of rookie players here, so we'll just have to see how the NYXL stacks up against the likes of the San Francisco Shock, Houston Outlaws, Atlanta Reign, Florida Mayhem, and the other stacked rosters in the West division.

Overwatch 2
Photo: Overwatch League

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