Insurgency: Sandstorm

New World gives update on Insurgency: Sandstorm roadmap

We're getting a new map and weapons this year, with more features planned and a console version still aimed for 2019.

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New World Interactive has just released a community update in which they discuss their shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm and what's ahead for fans of the game, with the team focused on improving the PC version as a top priority right now.

All of March was dedicated to bug fixes and optimisation, meaning the studio has released four patches in around 30 days, with more room for improvement. Longer-term changes are also being worked on, even if the developer has also noticed some improvements, as have the fans. Frame-rates and memory management are being improved as part of these efforts, although New World Interactive asks for those experiencing issues to submit a support ticket so they can get as much information as possible.

New content is also on the way as well, including the upcoming map Compound, which is set on an abandoned building site. We're also getting the M82 and M99 anti-materiel rifles too, and you can see both of these new features in the pics below:

Insurgency: SandstormInsurgency: Sandstorm

Other new features include an improved server browser (shown in the video below), XP gain for community servers featuring normal game rules, improvements to the AI, a custom map editor, improvements to matchmaking, and an arcade mode, not to mention a new game mode which is a "hardcore" version of Checkpoint. This will bring new mechanics and is geared towards the hardcore community, with more information promised soon on all of the above.


We also find out in this post that community manager Alex Blonski has taken some time off after the birth of his first child, meaning the community output has been slower than usual. The studio does plan on getting back into regular communication soon though, and asks once more for fan feedback on how best to do this.

If you're a console fan waiting for the release of Insurgency: Sandstorm, New World Interactive also has a message to share, as they're still aiming to hit PS4 and Xbox One this year, with no further specifics on launch timings provided.

The team ends the post by saying that there's a lot planned for the game, and that they hope to emulate the post-release support they had for the original Insurgency, meaning more features are coming in the future other than those discussed here. Those who want their say on what's coming can even fill out a survey on what's coming.

Are you pleased with Insurgency: Sandstorm so far?

Insurgency: Sandstorm

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