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New Wednesday trailer reveals Uncle Fester for the first time

And Christina Ricci's new character shows up as well.

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So far, we haven't seen anything from Uncle Fester in the images and videos released for the upcoming Netflix show Wednesday, as Tim Burton said he wants to keep him a secret. Until now that is, because now we've got a new trailer from the series, which has two pretty cool reveals.

First and foremost we finally get to see this incarnation of Uncle Fester, who is played by the comedian Fred Armisen (Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Curb Your Enthusiasm). But we also get a first look at Christina Ricci's role, which is Marylin Thornhill, teacher at Nevermore Academy. Ricci did play Wednesday in the two The Addams Family movies released in the early 90s and got a lot of praise for her interpretation, and we look forward to see her continue her work with this franchise, now playing against the character who once made her famous.

Here is the new trailer, and Wednesday premieres on Netflix on November 23.

New Wednesday trailer reveals Uncle Fester for the first time

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