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New weapons coming to Xcom 2

Coilguns are coming to the ongoing battle against our alien overlords.

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The team over at Pavonis Interactive are working hard on an officially sanctioned Long War mod for Xcom 2, and we've just found out that when it lands it'll bring with it a new weapon-type, the coilgun. You can check out a handful of new screens showing off these new firearms below, along with a few choice words as shared on the Xcom website.

Xcom 2

Coilguns represent a new tier of weaponry available to research during the XCOM 2 campaign on PC. This line of advanced magnetic hardware rests above the current Mag weapon tier offered by Chief Shen and her team, and directly under our top-tier Beam offerings.

Xcom 2Xcom 2

Outfit your soldiers with these Coilguns and they'll represent a very serious threat to any ADVENT or alien overlords you come across in your efforts to reclaim Earth; however, Coilguns aren't cheap. Obviously, as the second-best weapon tier available to our soldiers, Coilguns will require a considerable investment before you can add them to your weapons cache.

Xcom 2Xcom 2

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