Halo Infinite

New Warthog introduced to Halo Infinite

A couple of new Brutes and a new weapon were also shown off.

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Over at Halo Waypoint, the developer 343 Industries has now shared four concept images showing off two mean looking Brutes, a Brute weapon and a brand new Warthog called Razorback.

Halo Infinite

The Razorback is by far the most interesting thing and according to the developers, it is "the Warthog's more spacious and robust cousin—perfect for crashing Banished house parties with and taking on scenic drives". We cannot help but notice that it seems to be missing a gun, which feels like removing some of the fun, but at least it looks really slick.

Regarding the Brutes, we're talking about a pair of brothers who "aren't big fans of Spartans". The left one is called Hyperius and seems to be the leader of the duo, while Tovarus (to the right) seems like a huge chunk of brute force.

Halo InfiniteHalo Infinite

Finally, we got to take a look at a new detachable weapon called Scrap Cannon, which was originally going to be called "gatling mortar". We assume this gives us an idea of what to expect, and 343 Industries writes:

"You don't enjoy hot metal being hurled at you from uncomfortable distances while you're just trying to mind your own business and defend humanity? Well, too bad so sad, shouldn't have made the Brutes mad."

Halo Infinite

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