New Warframe expansion will finally add Umbra variant

Community input helped shape The Sacrifice.

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Warframe devs Digital Extremes announced their next cinematic quest at E3 with an exclusive reveal trailer. The Sacrifice continues the story from The Second Dream, The War Within and we had a chance to chat to community manager Megan Everett about what updates the new expansion would be bringing to the game.

Warframe has been slowly expanding its cinematic universe over the last few years revealing more of the lore behind the game's story. One thing that has captured players imaginations over that time is the mysterious Umbra, the black-clad Warframe variants. It was revealed that The Sacrifice would finally be bringing these strange variations to the West, although the exact mechanical benefits of the suits are still unknown.

"Because they have been waiting for Umbra for a very long time I think it was just a sigh of 'oh my god finally something is happening,'" Everett told Gamereactor.


Warframe has always been a very community focused title and it seems like this next expansion is going to give that community exactly what they want. The free-to-play game's player base has been steadily growing over the last few years, with each expansion bringing in more new players.

"Warframe is a very community-driven game," said Everett. "Since day one we wanted to give our players the game that they wanted to play and we realise that along the way we're going to make mistakes but they were the ones telling us maybe you should do this or this would be really cool in the game, and we took those suggestions and we ran with them."

Expect more news on what's coming next for Warframe at this year's TennoCon.


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