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New Warface update brings new map, weapons, and more

Not to mention a new Asian server.

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Publisher has announced a new update for Warface which adds a map for the Blitz mode, a new rank, and a new set of weapons, and on top of this has also expanded its regional servers globally to include the first regional server dedicated to the Asian market.

Blitz see teams either defuse or protect a bomb within 90 seconds, and the new map Residence is set in a luxury villa, where those in the villa itself will receive a major advantage over those outside, as part of what the press release refers to as a "unique tactical setup, full of convenient places for team ambushes and intense close-range battles."

The two new weapons are the ZX84 A5 Custom, a lightweight submachine gun with a fast zoom scope, as well as the Atheris GQ50 sniper rifle, which kills enemies with one shot at close and medium ranges. In regards to ranks, though, the maximum rank has been raised to 84.

The new Asian server in Hong Kong should allow those in South-East, South, and East Asia to play with a lower ping, and this launch also comes with Chinese localisation.

On top of all these new features, there's also a new global operation called Atlas of War, which is available for $4.99 USD (around £3.84) and provides new challenges, missions, and rewards. Will you be diving into Warface to see these new features for yourself?


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