New turn-based BattleTech hits Kickstarter

Shadowrun Returns studio Harebrained Schemes at the helm as campaign quickly finds success.

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It's long ago mechs were a popular theme in video games. Not just in games from Japan, and via Kickstarter Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns) and Jordan Weisman, creator of MechWarrior and BattleTech, have pitched a return of the former turn-based mech series.

The pitch is rather simple as BattleTech "is a single-player, turn-based, tactical 'Mech combat game for PC. (And Mac and Linux!) The game may also include PVP multiplayer if enough funding is reached".


Interestingly Harebrained Schemes, veterans of several successful Kickstarter campaigns, have taken a very transparent approach to the funds they need (see the diagram below).


As you can see the base skirmish game has been funded by Harebrained Schemes and what they ask for is essentially various stretch goals to achieve a greater more fleshed out game. The first such target was at $250,000 and the campaign quickly flew passed that and other early goals and currently approached the one million mark where a single player campaign will be realised.


Head over to the Kickstarter page for information on the campaign and various reward tiers.

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