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Halo Infinite

New toys might reveal some of the story from Halo Infinite

New toy lineup might have revealed some of the story of 343 Industries' upcoming Halo Infinite.

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Halo Infinite launches alongside the Xbox Series X later this year, but we don't know much about the game. Now, however, it seems like we might have received an interesting detail about the story thanks to the Megaconstrux toys based on the upcoming game.

In a collection of supposedly leaked images on Reddit, we get to see a Brute character (could it be Atriox from Halo Wars 2, who spoke in the recent teaser trailer?) that for some reason has Jameson Locke's helmet stuck to his armour. If you know your Halo, you will know that Brutes do put war trophies from fallen enemies on their armour and this simply points toward Locke being killed (although we know from Halo: Reach that Spartans never die, they are only missing in action). This likely means the guy chasing Master Chief in Halo 5: Guardians won't survive Halo Infinite, something we suspect the fans won't complain about as he was very disliked by the community.

Halo Infinite

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