New Tomb Raider

New Tomb Raider design revealed unceremoniously via website

Crystal Dynamics has showcased what Lara Croft will look like in the new game.

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Crystal Dynamics is hard at work with Amazon Games making us a new Tomb Raider title. We don't know when we'll be seeing its release, but we have had our first look at the new Lara Croft via the official Tomb Raider site.

You'll need to be a member if you want to view it online, but we have included the image below. It seems like Lara is going back to a more classic design in this new game, with short brown shorts, a blue tank top and dual pistols.

That could also mean that we're going back to a more classic way of playing, too. Instead of the grittier, grounded Tomb Raider games we've had in the past, perhaps we're up for a more explosive action romp this time around.

What do you think of Lara's new look?

New Tomb Raider

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