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New Temtem update adds fishing, Dojo Leader rematches, and more

The update is live now and free for all users.

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Right off the back of introducing the long-requested feature of player housing to the game, Crema has rolled out another exciting content update for Temtem. In this update players can now fish, have weekly rematches against Dojo Leaders, and much, much more.

Players can now obtain a fishing rod at the Nuru Lodge and this can be used to hunt for Temtem in the water. A new Temtem has been revealed that can be caught in the water and this is known as Koish. Koish has subspecies for 12 different types and a new weekly quest will center around capturing specific versions of them.

Dojo Leaders can now be fought again on a weekly basis. These Dojo Leaders will feature new team configurations and will reward you with a hefty amount of pansuns.

The update certainly seems like it is increasing Temtem's potential as an MMO. You can see the full list of new additions here.


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