New teaser hints at next Rainbow Six: Siege operators
Rainbow Six: Siege

New teaser hints at next Rainbow Six: Siege operators

The new duo coming to Siege are set to bring the heat, literally.

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Ubisoft has released a teaser on Twitter for the next operators coming to Rainbow Six: Siege ahead of the official launch that's scheduled for this Sunday. Titled Operation Ember Rise, this will be the content coming to the game for year four, season three, following on from Operation Phantom Sight, which brought Operators Warden and Nøkk to the expanding line-up of characters.

Furthermore to this announcement, Ubisoft has released a report on the Rainbow Six: Siege site, written by Miri (another operator in-game) hinting at the unique equipment brought by the new operators as well as revealing their names as Garra and Volcán. These respective pieces of equipment are a grappling hook for Garra, which allows her to swing through windows or even break through walls, whereas for Volcán he has an explosive shield that seems to act similarly to Thermite's own gadget.

As for the operators themselves, Garra is described in the report by Mira saying, "She works best when her opponents are distracted. If she goes charging in, she's going to get a bullet to the face. An she'll deserve it. But for now, with her unpredictability, she's set to turn our whole routine upside down."

Volcán, on the other hand, is the opposite, or as Mira puts it: "He's quiet, but thoughtful. I'm not surprised his invention is the same. In both cases, if you underestimate or misjudge, he'll be on you like lighting."

As for anything else about Operation Ember Rise, little is known, however, the full reveal is set to occur on August 18 on the Rainbow Six Siege Twitch channel during the Six Major Raleigh.

Are you excited for these new Operators to shake up the game?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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