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New survey shows that gamers really love strong brands

Out of 13 different brands, alcoholic beverages was the lowest among gamers.

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Chances are pretty big that you, the reader, are a gamer. And this means that you are more likely to buy a popular brand when you go for a shopping, no matter for what purpose, than the average-Joe.

This was revealed in a new survey conducted by Newzoo (via, that clearly indicates that us gamers really love brands, and especially those for energy drinks and sodas. The survey was made with over 75,000 respondents, living in 36 different countries across the world. They where asked how favourably their views of 13 different brand were, with gamers voting higher than average in every one of those brands.

The only type of brands that even came close to not being way more popular amongst gamers was alcoholic beverages. If we were to guess why, it's simply because it makes most of us play worse, and it seems like most gamers prefers energy drinks instead to enhance performance.

New survey shows that gamers really love strong brands

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