New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Luigi U standalone expansion

Can be bought as DLC for original game, or on its own.

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New Super Luigi U, originally announced at DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U, will also be released as a standalone expansion, not just as downloadable content.

More details surrounding the game's multiplayer were revealed, including playable characters Nabbit, Yellow Mushroom and Blue Mushroom (not a red plumber in sight).

Nabbit, a character you had to chase in the original game, is now a co-op buddy. He has new abilities, while speed and jump are the same across the board, he is unable to power up, instead he doesn't take damage. An ideal character for those seeking a gentler multiplayer experience.

The DLC is going to be available from June 20, though the 82 updated courses will also be available as a standalone package for a limited time starting on July 26.

New Super Mario Bros. U

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