Stellar Blade

New Stellar Blade details have been revealed

It's unclear whether we'll be getting the game this year but it seems unlikely.

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Stellar Blade, or Project Eve as it was known as back in 2021, seemed a promising action RPG coming to the PS5 when it was first revealed. However, we've heard next to nothing about the game since then.

That is until now, as a recent PlayStation Store listing confirms that Stellar Blade is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi action RPG with no multiplayer components. This means no battle pass, nor any microtransactions. Also, it'll have a physical version with a disc when it launches.

Our story centres around Eve, who has to piece together the mysteries of the past after human civilisation is destroyed by a forced called NA:tive. The gameplay is going to be fast-paced, with a lot of epic boss battles.

Sony hasn't put a release date out, which doesn't sound good for a 2023 release. Considering how many stellar (pun intended) games we've already had this year, though, we wouldn't mind this one adding to 2024's roster.

Stellar Blade

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