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New Starfield video shows off companion robot VASCO

This helpful chap has been designed to help meet the requirements of Constellation's mission.

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We're around nine months away from Starfield launching, which means we're hearing more and more about the game quite frequently. To this end, a new trailer has been released, and this one focuses on one of the companions that players will meet along their journey through the stars, when Starfield arrives this November.

This companion is called VASCO, and is known as Constellation's own expeditionary robot. As the trailer explains, VASCO was once an early model built by Lunar Robotics, but was refurbished to suit Constellation's needs, and is now a utilitarian, heavy industrial machine that is capable of traversing rough terrain and can carry a bunch of survival gear and items that you might need on your journey. It is noted that VASCO has defensive capabilities, but that it is primarily a peaceful robot.

You can take a look at a bunch of the concept art for VASCO in the trailer below, as well as a bit of gameplay of the companion bot as well.


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