New Star Manager

New Star Soccer Manager kicking off on mobiles this summer

From the creators of the first New Star Soccer.

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New Star Games has revealed New Star Soccer Manager from developer Simon Read, who also made New Star Soccer, and as you may have guessed, this new title is bringing the same style as its predecessor when it lands on Android and iOS devices this summer.

It's described as "a total football management simulation" and combines action with management, including transfers, sponsors, board meetings, infrastructure, finances, and also of course controlling your players in each match, featuring arcade controls.

"In New Star Soccer Manager we wanted to give you ultimate control over how your team plays," says Simon Read, creator of New Star Games. "Matches are played out in a similar way to New Star Soccer in that you only play out the highlights, but when you get hands on, you can pass, head, shoot, dribble and tell players where to make their runs"

For more on the game be sure to check out the trailer and screenshots below.

New Star Manager
New Star Manager

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