New speedrun world record in Super Mario Bros

A very, very, slightly quicker time has been reached by a bot, however.

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For more than a decade, speedrunners has tried to shave of time from the original Super Mario Bros (the one that had it's 35th anniversary last year) to get under 4 minutes and 55 seconds. But so far, none has managed to do that... until today.

The speedrunner Niftski tweets that he has now managed to beat the game in 4:54:97. This really is a remarkable feat, but there is actually still some room for improvement. Using TASbot, the time 4:54:26 has been reached, which shows how incredibly tight you have to play not to lose any time at all, as it only differs 71 hundredths of a second between what a bot can do (with perfect timing in every move) versus flesh and blood for a human.

New speedrun world record in Super Mario Bros

Thanks, Resetera.

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