Classic NES series: Super Mario Bros.

New speedrun record set for Super Mario Bros.

The world has a new fastest Mario.

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The world of competitive speedrunning can seem like a whole different world, as players use glitches, make pixel perfect moves and shave off milliseconds while trying to achieve the perfect run at whatever game they're trying to beat.

Now a new World Record has been set for all-time classic Super Mario Bros. by "darbian". The new record is 4:57.627, the old one being 4:57.69. The difference is only around 0.06 seconds, but darbian admits on Reddit that he made a few mistakes. These are not huge mistakes, as he talks about rolling a pixel too far or making an error that cost him a huge 21 frames.

If you want to see the record beating run in its entirety then head on to darbian's Twitch channel.

Classic NES series: Super Mario Bros.

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