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New Sony patents for backwards compatibility discovered

Hopefully we'll know more at the rumoured upcoming Sony streamed event.

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While PlayStation 5 does work like a charm with PlayStation 4 titles, it still doesn't do it as well as how Xbox Series X handles Xbox One titles. And while Microsoft's console also plays games from all previous Xbox generations, PlayStation 5 does not work with games from PlayStation 1, 2 and 3.

But this might be about to change, as Shaun McIlroy on Twitter has now discovered that the creator of PlayStation 4 and 5, Mark Cerny, has filed a patent via USPTO for "backward compatibility through use of spoof clock and fine grain frequency control". This doesn't sound like something used to make PlayStation 4 games run better, and a reasonable guess is that it is related to older PlayStation consoles.

As you might remember, the Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier revealed last month that Sony is launching an Xbox Game Pass challenger, which supposedly will run older PlayStation games, and enhancing backwards compatibility fits very well with this rumour. As Sony is said to have a livestreamed event in a couple of weeks time, hopefully we'll get to know more fairly soon.

New Sony patents for backwards compatibility discovered

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