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New songs for Guitar Hero Live

Rock the Ages: 2003, Women That Rock, and Stadium Rock Anthems added.

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It was International Women's Day earlier this week and this didn't pass Activision and FreeStyle Games unnoticed. They celebrate this by adding a new Premium Set for Guitar Hero Live called Women That Rock with some pretty funny songs to play. They also have the fan favorite Premium Set from last week, Stadium Rock Anthems, another round.

Rock the Ages: 2003
Incubus — "Megalomaniac"
Chevelle — "Send the Pain Below"
Marilyn Manson — "mOBSCENE"

Women That Rock:
St. Vincent — "Birth in Reverse"
Deap Vally — "Gonna Make My Own Money"
Halestorm — "Apocalyptic"

Stadium Rock Anthems
Bon Jovi - Livin' on a Prayer
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
KISS - Crazy Crazy Nights

...and as usual, all Premium Sets from last week is now added to the On Demand list. So rock on!

Guitar Hero Live

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