Hitman 2

New sniper map launching for Hitman 2 this week

Hantu Port is playable either solo or in co-op, and it's part of the expansion pass for 47's most recent outing.

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Hitman 2 is about to get a shot in the arm with some new content set to arrive for would-be assassins tomorrow, March 26. Specifically, IO Interactive has prepared a new Sniper Assassin mission that goes by the name of Hantu Port, similar to the standalone sniper map that was used as a pre-order incentive for the base game.

The map is set in a container yard in Singapore, and players will be able to tackle the mission either alone as moody murder merchant Agent 47 or in co-op as dynamic duo Stone and Knight.

The new mission, which you can take a proper look at via the trailer attached below, is part of the Expansion Pass, which IO says will eventually mean players get their hands on "new Missions, Locations, Sniper Maps, Challenges, Weapons and Outfits."

Reading between the lines, that should mean more sniper maps in the future, plus a range of other content updates. In the short-term, however, IOI has outlined their plans here, and the studio also confirmed that a patch for the game is landing alongside new sniper mission.


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