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League of Legends

New Simpsons episode tackles esports

Bart plays a game similar to League of Legends in yesterday's episode, and Riot Games was allegedly consulted by the writers.

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Esports isn't a niche area anymore, and slowly but surely competitive gaming is makings its presence known in the mainstream, so much so that The Simpsons has now addressed the field in a recent episode that aired yesterday, as revealed by writer Al Jean on Twitter.

If you see the screenshot Jean posted of a game called Conflict of Enemies, you'll see that it looks awfully similar to League of Legends, and esports consultant Rod Breslau tweeted a clearer image of Bart and friends playing the game. He also adds the following:

"Riot Games esports consulted with the writers of The Simpsons for an accurate representation of video games in the episode. So Bart will be a one trick who loses his lane, rages, feeds, trolls and then griefs his team."

Does this sound like a good way to portray esports?

League of Legends
Photo: Rod Breslau

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