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New rumour indicates a Nintendo Direct is coming this week

Insider King Zell has provided some Nintendo rumours once again, and the show will apparently feature some big names and reveals.

The Nintendo Direct streams are always a pretty big deal, as they give us game announcements, important updates, and more. That's why when Nintendo insider King Zell talked about what could be coming soon in a Direct on ResetEra, we paid attention.

Zell said "13 is your lucky number..... and am out," which indicates that we might either be getting the Direct on February 13, this Wednesday, or news of the Direct on that day. Perhaps what's more interesting for fans though is the content that might be coming, as we'll apparently be hearing more about Pikmin 3 and Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch.

That's not all though, as we'll also apparently be getting news on Boxboy, the reveal of a "2D Zelda", and news on Game Freak's Pokémon RPG. As if that wasn't enough, we might also get the announcement of Super Mario Maker 2 as well.

Zell has proved reliable with their information in the past, but of course take this with a pinch of salt until we get official word on any of this, especially the game announcements.

The Metroid Prime Trilogy might be just what fans of the series need though, as at the end of last month we found out that Metroid Prime 4 was being totally rebooted by Retro Studios, meaning an even longer wait for the sequel.

What do you want to see become a reality from this rumour?

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New rumour indicates a Nintendo Direct is coming this week

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